Bryce grew up in Sandy, Utah; Skiing Alta with friends and family and racing at Snowbird. He graduated from Brighton High School and then went straight to chasing his dream of one day making the U.S Ski Team and racing in the Olympics and he never faltered from that dream. He is survived by his dad Jamie, mom Laura, his older brother Jason and his younger brother Chris.

His brother Chris has something to say about his brother: 

Bryce followed his dreams which not so many people can say. He stayed focused & did not let anything get in his way. He was an inspiration to all if you new him. Somebody that just sent it in all realms. A smile that you see and you will find yourself with a smile. Truly Contagious!! My brother lived a life in 19 years that everybody dreams of… he had a smile on his face the whole ride. I’ll catch you on the other side brother…

His brother Jason wanted to add his thoughts:

Bryce was the man. He knew how to live and his good energy propelled him to the craziest heights. He relied on spirit and a need to challenge himself which took him to places that few ever go. Bryce was just Bryce, he knew there was limited time to achieve and he spent his time living in the moment. He was a master in the way he carried himself. He taught lessons to so many. His aura is one that will never be matched, but those who knew him know that he'll never really be gone.

Good vibes only.